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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Pattern Stitch: Shells

The Shell Stitch:

Part of the fun in crocheting (and designing) is using specific stitches.  We all tend to prefer some stitches over others but one of the basic stitches that is used in many pieces is the shell.  

Abbreviation(s): The shell abbreviations, among a few, are known as: Shell Stitch / Shell / Sh st / Sh 

Definition:  Shell stitches are usually worked with double crochets and can be varied by as few or as many stitches as indicated by pattern instructions as well as different types of stitches, such as triple crochet stitches.  The chain stitches worked between (usually an even number of stitches) can be from 1 chain to as many as 5.  There are always variables depending on the designer and the end result needed or wanted.  

Symbol Key: 

Example: (3 dc, ch 2, 3 dc) in next stitch or space as indicated by pattern instructions to complete the shell.

Pattern:  Our Easter Crinoline Girl Doily not only uses shells, but lacets.  More next time on lacets!   

Easter Crinoline Girl Doily

Shells and lacets are used in combination to create a lovely and full crochet skirt that's accented with ribbon bows. A matching hat trimmed in miniature flowers and ribbon complete the ensemble for our Easter Crinoline Girl Doily!


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