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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Skill Level...

It's the one thing in crochet that probably no one agrees on.  What's easy for me, may not be for you and what's easy for you, may not be for me.  And experience - it only equates to what you're experienced in.  It doesn't mean that if you are experienced in granny squares and it's the only thing you've crocheted for the past 20 years, that you are experienced in other crochet-related works.  You can say without a shadow of doubt, you are experienced in crocheting granny squares. 

Because I'm a designer, it doesn't mean I'm experienced in every stitch or types of crochet.  I am experienced in designing the type of patterns I design.  If a person has trouble with a stitch, it doesn't mean it’s a poor design or even that the stitch is not explained well.  It means it might not be explained well for them - maybe they're more a visual person. 

It amazes me though how many people attack when writing.  They deliberately put you on the defensive and expect you to bowl over in enthusiasm to provide help.  I don't know if it's because they are on the other side of a monitor or not.  If you ask for help, ask for it.  But don't start attacking the person on the other end of that email while asking for help. 

To be honest, our favorite joke around my house is an email that starts out with; "I've been crocheting for over 25 years…. and then they state the problem in attack mode.  Longevity doesn't always equate to experience.  I've been designing for well over 20 years and crocheting long before that - so if we're going to bump heads, I might win when it comes to longevity, but it doesn't resolve the issue at hand.

Kindness folks, kindness.  You wouldn't talk to a sales clerk like that - at least I hope not!  The golden rule applies behind the monitor as it does in person. 

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