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Friday, June 13, 2014

Crazy Crochet Corner - 6-13-14
Patriotic Mobile - click on image

With the 4th not too far in the distant future, our fun Patriotic Mobile is a fun project, but mostly it's versatile!  What can you do with this mobile?

1:  Well if you're not in the patriotic spirit - and I can't imagine who wouldn't be, then work in baby colors and use as a mobile for the nursery!  

2:  Don't want a mobile - period!  Well then if you work just the stars as instructed in the pattern, you can then create fun plant pokies.  

3:  Don't want a mobile or plant pokies - how about working just one side of the stars and creating fridgies/magnets. 

4:  Okay, so you don't want a mobile, you don't want plant pokies, and now you don't even want a fridgie, then what?  Well work up a swag or garland by joining the stars together!  

5:  So now you're telling me you don't want a mobile, you don't want plant pokies, you don't want fridgies or magnets, and you don't want a swag or garland.  You're just being difficult now... :-)  Okay, how about working the mobile top and you give me ideas what you'd do with it!  Let's have fun!