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Thursday, May 08, 2014

When Doubt Sets In...

I guess it's just plain human nature to worry - especially since we women are good at it.  But in these tight times, the bills are definitely higher than our income. 

It wasn't that long ago, for the first time in our married lives,

that we had plenty of money.  We were by no means wealthy but it was nice being able to do what we needed, and wanted, without weighing the consequences.  

 It was short lived though.  The economy tanked, times have changed and now it's a problem paying the bills, and we've cut out almost every luxury!  But I have to admit, this is when the Lord shines best.  It's through our weakness He is strong.  It is through our lack He provides. 

It brings to mind a time when finances were beyond tight.  Back in the early 80's when we first moved to San Diego as our new duty station at NAS North Island, we rented a house where hubby deployed not more than three months later, just after Thanksgiving. 

With meager income, now split between two households, if you will, I had to make wise decisions to stretch the budget.  But with Christmas just around the corner, it made a tough situation, tougher.  

A clock like one of these actually
 Being clock collectors, I recall standing in front of a shelf at the Navy Exchange (like department stores) and looking at a small clock priced at less than $20.  I thought it would be a nice Christmas gift for my husband then deployed to the Philippines.   I knew what I had left in the checking account, the food needed to stretch to the end of the month, and bills that were due.  If I bought the clock could I afford the cost of actually shipping it to my husband.  I must have stood there for at least 20 minutes weighing my options.  I finally decided I could afford it but not without sacrifices in another area. 

Within the next few days I received a Christmas card from an uncle I rarely saw and never really had been close to, due to distance mostly.  In that card was a check for $20.  I cried and thanked the Lord.  It was the first time in my life I received money from this uncle and it was the last.  It was an answer to prayer.  

As times are once again difficult, I need to place my trust in God and let Him shine through the circumstances I face.  I need to focus on the problem solver and not the problem itself.  

Just a quick note.  On the way home from the Philippines, someone stole that clock from my husband's suitcase at the airport.  If only they knew!  Who knows, maybe that clock was an answer to prayer for them too.  


analea said...

It is a small world! I was stationed at NAS North Island in the early 80's! 79-82 to be exact. But while your husband was on board ship, I was stationed in a training facility.

Wonderful story about the clock. It is amazing the way things work out isn't it? Faith is everything.

Cylinda Mathews said...

It is indeed a small world. Wonderful duty station; North Island. Actually he was stationed at the photo lab at North Island and then deployed to the Philippines via plane. From there they flew or were shipped to areas where they needed documentation on film (at the time). Great memories though - despite the difficulties! :)