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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ten Random Things you Never Knew About Me.

1:  I don't have a favorite color - I love most colors 
if paired with another color or colors well. However,
I do lean towards blues, greens and earth tones.  I  
also don't have a favorite style, but am considered

2: I love antiques and old things, especially with family ties and stories attached.  In fact, the picture of this phone is exactly like one we have, partially restored from the oil fields of Southern California.  

3:  I LOVE to READ!  Give me a book and you're apt to lose me for hours at a time while I traverse another world and sometimes another "time."  

4:   I'm a somewhat  a  

Yep, you're looking at a person who will sometimes refold the bottom fitted sheet several times so it looks nice in my linen closet, or continue to stack the pillows on my bed, just so-so - even when I know, no one will SEE!  I've been known to stack the silverware in rows, turn the labels so they show at a glance and rearrange drawers for no reason, other than perfecting the way they look so I can admire them.  It's a personal nonsensical gratification.  Go figure!  

5: I enjoy gardening, but mostly I love herb gardening and cacti.  Roses are pretty and to be admired, but give me herbs and a cactus any day of the week.  For the flowers; carnations are my favorite in all colors!    

 6: I hate dolls.  I don’t like looking at them, I won't touch them, dislike the way they look and hate the way they smell - have been since I was too little to remember why!  I guess it's a mysterious phobia, but for this reason you won't see me designing a doll dress - sorry!  

7: I hate buttons.  Don't ask me why - I never have liked them and as a teen and adult refuse to wear them.  All my blouses are ones you slip over your head.  My sweaters don't have buttons, my pants don't have buttons - even on the inside…. nope, no buttons. It's a mystery too and now you're probably wondering exactly what happened in my young life that caused such mysterious phobias... 

 8: I don't like anything around my neck.  Think it was because I was choked by a cousin when I was too little to remember.  I don't wear turtlenecks, I don't wear chokers, I don't wear anything even remotely close to my neck.  I have a problem with swallowing and as a result trips to the dentist can be a nightmare.  So the mystery continues... I promise this is the end of my "hang ups"  - Really! 

That being said, you can imagine the problems I have in buying clothes - nothing around my neck and no buttons....

 9: I love pets, especially dogs!  The picture here is of Allie May who is no longer with us, but Chance, on the right is as sweet as ever.  I have more pictures on Facebook of Charley and Chance.  All three, rescue dogs who have brought us sheer joy!  

10:  Least but not last, I'm married to my high school sweetheart and we're working on 42 years of marriage after being engaged for a year and "going steady" for 1 1/2 years before that.  Going steady - hmmmm, just what do they call that now?  It sounds "dated…"  what a play on words huh?   To the right is a picture of hubby when our grandson Nick was born 8 years ago.  Sweet yeah? 

So there you have it... not that you asked.  Quirks and all, this is what makes me.... well, me!    

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Sedruola Maruska said...

LOL. . . don't tell anyone, I'm a bit of a neat freak that has had to relax in order to live peacefully in my home! ;) Loved learning about you! Congrats on 42 years, how beautiful!

Cylinda Mathews said...

As I've gotten older Sedruola, I too am not as much of a neat freak as I used to be. I still "love" my cupboards and drawers to organized probably more than my home dusted and cleaned! :-)

Sheila said...

So I was searching for potholder patterns when I found you. You have several that I like. You are a very talented writer, also as I enjoyed reading about you. You grasped my attention & made my search enjoyable. I am addicted to crocheting, especially potholders.