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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Meeting a Friend!

Okay, so you don't live 15 minutes away from the wine country, much less from Monte Do Oro, but you can pick up an equally nice red through!  

Oh wow, what can I say. With the internet we meet friends online and sometimes those friendships last for years and years. But icing on the cake is actually meeting that friend in life. That happened to me this past Sunday. 

 I met Karen (real name), at least 16 years ago through an online group where she was my secret pal. We chatted online (forget the name of the program we used now), but we'd chat back and forth for about 15 minutes or longer. We emailed periodically and even talked on the phone occasionally. With social networks we linked up through Facebook. But until this past Sunday, we had never actually met. 

All I can say is it's so much fun to finally meet someone after all this time. We connected before, but it was like we'd been friends for years having coffee at each others homes. I can't tell you how much fun it was. We sat outside and relaxed on the porch swing sipping a nice deep red wine boasting a bouquet of cherries, red currants, dried cranberries, gingerbread, cafe mocha and allspice. There's nothing quite like sitting and chatting with good friends over a nice glass of wine. 

 Karen - we'll have to do it again soon!

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