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Saturday, March 29, 2014

Did Orion really have pants on?

I downloaded the book, A Sudden Glory; God's Lavish Response to Your Ache for Something More, onto my Kindle.  I LOVE this book by Sharon Jayne's.  She describes on one occasion looking out to sea from her hotel room on a cloudy, overcast morning.  The sun's rays suddenly peak out between two small breaks in the clouds like two celestial eyes looking down at her from heaven.  And then a u-shaped slit in the clouds give way to more sun-rays just below the two "eyes" forming a complete celestial happy face.  It gives me goose bumps!  But all too often we miss these miraculous moments.

Jayne's story reminded me about an evening several years ago.  In the winter skies above our home, we viewed the twinkling stars, pointed out satellites as they cross the night sky, and named the constellations.  Wispy clouds floated across with one cloud stalling over Orion creating what appeared as pants on the lower portion.  Yep, Orion really did have pants on… from our perspective anyway!  

Click below for your copy and  learn how to erase the line between your secular daily life and your spiritual life so that you can experience the Divine smack dab in the middle of the daily busy blur. 

Don't have a Kindle?  I love mine and it's nice that you can have almost an entire book store at your fingertips and yet, just one device.  Download the books you want, when you want them and read at your leisure - wherever!

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